Create a Chamber and CVB

I have created a way to compete with all Chambers and Vcbs for top listing on google over time fully supporting all local businesses and media fairly and equally  If it works like I think it will and actually can't see it failing,  I perhaps will win an award for the best idea of the year on how to compete with your Chamber and in fact put some in some cities out of business and rank your city and promote your media and all media on google for top key word for that  city. Honestly in the age of technology the need for Chambers and CVB's has been severly reduced , especially for those that abuse the system.

The method of the madness as follows:
First understand anyone can form a local Chamber and CVB . There are no franchises , no licenses , no approvals, no copyrights , no trademarks  and each city is totally independent. There is absolutely no tie in or connection to the Us Chamber or the American Chamber. Nor would you or anyone want to be tied into or Join the Us Chamber helping to fund the extremely abusive salary of the President Tom Donahue's salary of 4.7 million in 2010 search it your self and read all about it.

The idea is simple and this will be proven on Hilton Head and sure will be done Nationwide by many local media and those smart enough to seize and act on the simple cost efficient  idea....... Here is how it's done and manual called "How To Form and Start Your own Local For Profit Chamber Of Commerce" it's a small short manual of one paragraph . Plus note traditional Chambers and CVB and their original intent has been negated and severly reduced by the Internet . This is not just specific to Chambers , but many media,
Non profits , and all types of businesses and industries across the board.

First you register the name with the secretary of state Official Greater Your City Chamber of Commerce. It only has to be a slight different variation from your existing Chamber in your city. You can add your county or state to the name etc . Example our existing abusive Chamber is called the Hilton Head / Bluffton Chamber Of Commerce and formed as a non profit 501-c6 and violates not only its tax code but also competes unfairly and abuses all local media members . Mine is called just the Hilton Head Island Chamber of Commerce formed as a SC for profit entity and actually makes no profit and versus violating anyone or tax codes it actually supports everyone and Free. As everyone knows the new way to build successful companies today via the Internet is with FREE. In fact many of your Billion Dollar companies operate this way. Facebook , Google, craigslist to name a few.

Next you simply advertise the New Local Online Free Membership Chamber and Free Advertising  . You create a local business Directory/ yellow pages and license the data from Acxiom  or Info USA . You create this simple directory site Free listing for everyone. In return for this free membership and free directory you just ask everyone to add a simple logo which we provide to the bottom of their site that says Proud Member of the Hilton Head Chamber of Commerce click here for Free Business Directory You can also do exactly the same for the CVB  with a different logo since all Chambers and CVB's should be totally separate and when clicked on it just goes to the Free Directory Site for all businesses no one is excluded for any reason . All in alphabetical order, no conflicts or favoritism . Site is developed locally.

Finally note no Chamber Balls , no business after hours, no business expos , no magazines produced , no office, no employees, no taxes, no abuse to local members , no abuse to local public funds, no competing unfairly against local media , no conflicts of interest, no 344k salaries, no 25 employees, no boards , no executive committees , no telephones just all FREE. Now who helps pay for this and will benefit the most it's simple local media. On the Home page again in alphabetical order every media who participates with be listed in a special Media and local Information section of our Free Directory. On the home page will be a large banner that simply says for all Local Information Click here another Banner for all Tourism Info Click here. Every media who participates wil be listed in alphabetical order under the proper category of what it does. The cost to be included will be approx  2k per year and go to cover the cost of one employee  and what I call our online Chamber Executive Director salaried at 35-40 k per year versus 344k and also eliminated all local abuse. Also some addional small cost to maintain site and license current data . Note this data will be no different than where all Phone companies and Yellow page directories get theirs. This directory will be current and promote every business in the entire community and do so for FREE!!!!!!!!!

Since the media stand the most to gain from getting additional local advertising all those media who participate help pay the overhead and again no profit . So if only 5 media companies participate the cost to each is approx 8 k each , if 20 approx 2 k each.

This is the end of the how to manuel . Please send any comments , questions or additional ideas if I have missed anything or points to make. Thanks

Skip Hoagland