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Whistle Blower

Headline news today in papers across America, including our local Island Packet, is the latest information on the Whistle Blower case for avoiding taxes. It's Headline news in WallStreet Journal as well. Fines to Chambers and CVBs could easily reach and exceed 1 billion with back taxes owed and violations to 501-c6 IRS tax codes. This does not even include unfair competition damages to all local media and past media forced out of business, excessive salaries and abuse to local tax payers, violation of its mission statement and bylaws, abuse and possible violations to all members and local tax payers for misuse of funds with self serving interest and excessive salaries. The attempt to fraud everyone with a proposed $600 per sq ft welcome center on Hilton Head and according to the Architect, all estimated cost done in-house by Bill Miles.




A Chamber Board, appointed not elected by members, with no term limits that have allowed for all this abuse to happen to all of us. Members are owners and the owners have lost control and abused by a totally non-democratic process. It seems even some Board members have no clue on what has been allowed to happen by a few in control. One board member resigned would never return my calls, others I called seems powerless or to scared to act.

Do we not all need answers on all this? As well as how Bill Miles compensation was approved by a compensation committee headed by Paula Betha as acting Chairman. The  Godmother to Bill Miles' Children? Do we not need details of Bill Miles trips to China and Pebble Beach to attend Concours De Elegance. Do we not need answers from Duane Parrish on this trip to London to meet the Queen? How much was this? How much did the State pay to take Bill Miles? Is this not shear insanity when England is in recession and in the age of the Internet when you could buy a banner ad on websites targeting British Subjects for less than perhaps one plane ticket?

I called both Paula Betha refused to comment, she runs our State lottery now. I called Carolyn Vanagel, head of HHI Concours de Elegance, and asked if she paid for Bills trip to Concours. She said no and asked why did he go. She did not know! I called the architect of the welcome center asked how he arrived at $600.00 per sq ft cost. I asked him how many 18 karat gold facets were part of the job? His answer was to call Bill Miles, that all estimation was done by him.

Is it now time to file a lawsuit against this Chamber , Bill Miles and certain current and past board members before the Statue of limitations runs out? My answer is yes it's time.

For all of you to just turn your heads, is not only abuse to yourself ,but also to your families and kids, our communities and business's on Hilton Head and this State who depend on our leaders to do what's right? The time is near and many questions will need to be answered.

The HHI Chamber and Bill Miles has hired two lawyers to deal with me. Why? What reason? By whom? Who is paying the lawyers? Why will they not turn over all accounting info my lawyer has requested? How much does the State give Bill Miles and Grants? How many dues paying members are there left after reading my full page ads? What is the position of each current board member when its time to be deposed in a lawsuit? How much did they know?

Many board members I have on record and talked to claim very little. In fact one past board member told me and others, I knew more than he did. This Hilton Head case is important because it will set the stage to expose the abuse in other cities across America. The recent IRS Whistle Blower case I have filed against not only the Hilton Head Bluffton Chamber, but 50 of the biggest cities in America, will also be important to help clean this all up for all of us nationwide. I have detailed info on other national organizations like the ACCE , Destination Marketing Association and perhaps the most abusive of all to small business, tax payers, members acoss America;  the 4.7 million 2010 salary of Tom Donahue, current president of the non profit, US Chamber.

It seems Bill Miles has learned well running a small city chamber. He is paid 3 times Gov Nikki Haley of 106k and equal to President Obama's salary of 400k. Plus, Bill Miles has no term limit, nothing performance based. He is surrounded by a board appointed, no elections or say so by members and can run for profit media businesses and pay no taxes.  Appointed DMO of our City to spend our local tax dollars, he receives state funds, takes free trips to London, China and Pebble Beach. He priced a welcome centers at $600 a sq ft.

I am in the wrong business. I'd be better off shutting down my company and becoming the Head of a Chamber. I have learned well and based on the IRS case in Ogden, Utah and the Hilton Head Bill Miles abuse and violations,  I in fact should appoint myself as head of the Hilton Head Island Chamber and Hilton Head CVB which I have registered as a 501-c6,  registed with the SC secretary of state, pay myself 400 per year, run for profit media and pay no taxes. In fact I will encourage others to do the same across America if by some fluke the IRS says 501-c6 can be in the Forprofit media business. It seems Win or lose is a huge WIN !!! In fact a dream come true on the fact all any of us need to do is start a local Chamber with exact bylaws, mission and run our media companies as always and legally avoid taxes in America. This is certainly better than going to Switzerland, Cayman Islands and then to Prison !!!! Agreed ?

Take note anyone can start or form a Chamber for any reason, no franchise , not tied to any government , each totally independent , run and owned by members in a community , can be set up for profit or non profit 501-c6. No One can deny your rights to do this. No trademark rights by anyone to Chamber of Commerce brand. I will debate and challenge anyone or any lawyer nationwide including IRS to prove me wrong and in fact am and have already. All those who have disputed my claims have lost . I base my success and my companies success on doing and representing what's right and my professional career and track record proves this.

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You've Raised Very Serious Questions

I feel that you have raised some very serious questions about how our Chamber is being run and where the money is being spent to market our island and the businesses that support our Chamber.

Additionally, your questions raise the possibility that the Chamber board is a "hand-picked" board that continues to perpetuate the abuses alleged in your complaints. As such, an independent committee, made up of chamber members, needs to be chosen and convened to address your concerns immediately.

Those are my thoughts and you may advertise them as such.....

Kim D.