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Raising bed tax revenues article in Packet

I agree with Mayor Drew Laughlin 100 percent. What I did not hear or read is:  getting salaries and expenses lowered as well to also give us more money to invest in marketing. In fact, how can Drew or anyone suggest additional investment in any entity without requiring that entity to be run properly with a reasonable level of expenses. Would any of you invest in a private company run like our Chamber? Herein lies your answer!!

Hilton Head might have less money received from bed tax than other locations, but it also has higher overhead. How can we continue to allow a board to approve the abusive salaries of 26 employees when the entire SC Hospitality Association only has 5? How long are we going to allow our Chamber to compete with local Media members to make additional profits to pay for all the abusive, excessive overhead? If the IRS Whistle Blower case filed against the Chamber in fact rules our Chamber is in violation of IRS tax codes governing non profits, who will be liable to pay what's owed? I assume it will be those who allowed all this to happen. The members which are owners have zero liability on all abuses simply because the Chamber original bylaws were apparently changed and member/owners have now found themselves in a position that "their" Chamber is run by a board appointed with no set term limits with an executive buddy board of very few who has crafted and allowed this Chamber Management to get away or attempt to get away with many forms of abuse. What must happen and will happen one way or the other is we need to change the bylaws, have a board elected by members, board term limits. By doing this all abuses will disappear, membership will rise, overhead and salaries will decrease, membership monies and additional bed tax monies spent and invested wisely to market our Island. Further all abuse to members will stop, all services bid out locally, no non local companies involved who pay no local or SC taxes, no non-members allowed to be involved. Lastly all unfair competition to all media who have been cc-ed on this email must end, all local ad sales must stop that depletes local as budgets that adversely effects all media. Versus this industry and media members being abused and unfairly competed against as media members, we will all be supported as media members who are also owners of this Chamber. If us as members do not own the Chamber then someone tell me who does? Is it not time to get our house in order and get rid of those who have allowed all this to happen? Does anyone honestly believe this will all just end and all this will be allowed to continue as is?

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You've Raised Very Serious Questions

I feel that you have raised some very serious questions about how our Chamber is being run and where the money is being spent to market our island and the businesses that support our Chamber.

Additionally, your questions raise the possibility that the Chamber board is a "hand-picked" board that continues to perpetuate the abuses alleged in your complaints. As such, an independent committee, made up of chamber members, needs to be chosen and convened to address your concerns immediately.

Those are my thoughts and you may advertise them as such.....

Kim D.