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Sep 16 2012

Whistle Blower

Headline news today in papers across America, including our local Island Packet, is the latest information on the Whistle Blower case for avoiding taxes. It's Headline news in WallStreet Journal as well. Fines to Chambers and CVBs could easily reach and exceed 1 billion with back taxes owed and violations to 501-c6 IRS tax codes. This does not even include unfair competition damages to all local media and past media forced out of business, excessive salaries and abuse to local tax payers, violation of its mission statement and bylaws, abuse and possible violations to all members and local tax payers for misuse of funds with self serving interest and excessive salaries. The attempt to fraud everyone with a proposed $600 per sq ft welcome center on Hilton Head and according to the Architect, all estimated cost done in-house by Bill Miles.


Jul 16 2012

A letter to

It is my opinion you, as well as our local Hilton Head Bluffton Chamber of Commerce, our state with  Discoversouthcarolina.Com is in violation of IRS tax codes governing non profits by selling any advertising on websites or in magazines that make a profit. You are further in unfair competition selling advertising against all local tax paying for-profit media. This must end and will end or all for- profit media should be able to do the same as you and our Chamber, State is doing and receive public monies, avoid corporate taxes, get state grants and pay ourselves 400k per year salary along with hire 25 employees to run our business. This is all abusive and extremely unfair.  I am and will fully prove this to the IRS and have filled under the IRS whistle blower program against our local Chamber already. my lawyer is in discussions with our Chamber lawyers as well. I suggest your lawyer and State lawyers also all get together to discuss all of this. Thanks

This entire thing reminds me of the old movie Clock Work Orange, but much worse and abusive. Thanks

Jul 16 2012


As a media and a shareholder in a tax paying SC company,why would all local media not be listed as sources of information for each SC city on the state website?

Further I have no problem with Chambers and CVBs also being listed as long as they are not competitive and violating IRS tax codes as you and the state would also be doing selling advertising for-profit  . Further their site including the SC state site should be directory based listing all SC business's by category for info not competing with them and making profits
And again paying no taxes,abusing members and tax payers who are paying for support not to be abused and destroyed.

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You've Raised Very Serious Questions

I feel that you have raised some very serious questions about how our Chamber is being run and where the money is being spent to market our island and the businesses that support our Chamber.

Additionally, your questions raise the possibility that the Chamber board is a "hand-picked" board that continues to perpetuate the abuses alleged in your complaints. As such, an independent committee, made up of chamber members, needs to be chosen and convened to address your concerns immediately.

Those are my thoughts and you may advertise them as such.....

Kim D.