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Apr 2 2012

Another point on Chamber abuse to all media

Subject: Another point on Chamber abuse to all media

It was brought to my attention tonight by a friend closely following all this that the Chamber allows non members to advertise on its Website and Media products. This is just further proof of the violations to local media and IRS tax codes as it would be acting exactly like a for profit media open to do business with anyone not just members. Further seems to violate members again by allowing non dues paying members to gain some benefit as others paying dues? What am I missing here?
I do not know how long they have been acting this way, but seems back taxes would surely be owed if in fact this Chamber has been acting in violation of tax codes once this is established and proven which seems black and white to me.

Again this Chamber and all Chambers are independent entities and not part of any government which simply means they are and should be held accountable for all they do, no different than me and my for profit company. If I or you are audited and found that  we did not operate properly and pay our taxes IRS will have no mercy on us . Correct?
Again I am an independent for profit , they are an independent non profit, we both have rules . Simple as that !

It's going to get very interesting as the legal side becomes very clear . Again you can't treat others differently and we all must play by the same set of rules and just because this has been set up as Chamber does not mean they can just escape from playing fairly hiding behind this front. Again this is Why I set up my own Chamber so I can fully test all of this. Whats good or bad for one is good or bad for all others Nationwide. Correct ?

The question is who does IRS come after , the board , Bill Miles, Member / Owners, Chairmans of the Boards , Executive committees ? Those proven to violate fidurary duties , WHO? What?
When ? How Much back taxes and how far can IRS go back ?

Apr 2 2012

Letter to Duane Parish


Since tourism is such an important industry For Southcarolina I would like to see if we can create the terms for a win win way to put this asset in the hands and ownership of the State under control of Prt . I do not want to become or known as a competitor in this regard . Bottom line we are for profit , you are a government state entity and non profit and fall under the same rules as Chambers and CVBs And that is should not be allowed to sell advertising and compete with for profit media in South Carolina in any form or fashion , I hope we can agree on this. Does PRT sell or receive any advertising dollars currently and if so how ? Thanks

What I do not have the answer for is how a non profit and for profit can joint venture on this asset to accomplish the mission of us making money so we can pay more taxes and you promoting the State to get more people here so SC businesses can prosper. You are supported by tax dollars including mine and I am supported by advertising revenues correct ? I see you as very similar to a local Chamber but on a state level versus a local level and infact more restricted in many ways being a true state entity versus a chamber having no connection to any government agency , yet still getting local tax dollars as the local DMO. Since this has been abused on Hilton Head it is now under severe challenge and will continue until a legal ruling has be achieved on what all this means . Original not redrafted recently  Bylaws and 501-c6 IRS filing. What's interesting about this is how you can run a for-profit under a non profit and escape corporate taxes and compete unfairly against those who
Are forced to pay taxes in the same business and violate members rights on top No matter how you turn it , it's not right and must end state and nationwide .

As a media owner my interest is Perhaps different than others but still all encompassing to see all the local abuses cleaned up, but focused more on direct abuse to my industry in the state and across the entire USA.

Duane I am not sure and have not looked into how the South Carolina Hospitality Association was funded other than members dues . Did they also sell advertising ? I do know that it seems they were run properly with 5 employees versus 25 on Hilton Head, and as we all saw their accounting and monies were not managed properly ,and Like all forms of companies the members , Shareholders and tax payers suffer and all connected.  This all had a very sad and unfortunate ending and suppose more to come . This is why our local Chamber here on Hilton Head needs a full investigation ,I have asked the Attorney Generals office to get involved and no response as of yet, so we are moving forward slowly in this ourselves. The local Chamber has hired two lawyers in Charleston and again abusing locals lawyer members by not using local law firms, not to mention who is paying the legal bills members like my company or tax payers ?

We are launching soon . Our company has invested alot in buying and licensing all business listing data for every business in South Caroilna . We also plan on setting up an email server at great expense and will offer free business listings to all Sourhcarolina business with options to upgrade at reasonable prices and also capture their vanity/ identity email address for their company and personal at reasonable prices example This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Our breakdown of each city in the state will include advertising opportunities for local media and tourism info only , all other businesses will only be able to buy upgrades to their business listings .

I look forward to hearing from you and perhaps our team and your team can figure this out. You have responsibilities to the Tax payers of South Carolina and I have responsibilities to my Shareholders and the state and Federal Government to pay my taxes . The government does not compete with me and I don't compete or try and deplete from the government . The Internet has made all of this most interesting but the rules of the game still are the same. Our local chamber has lost sight of this , as have Many others. The last thing we need is our government deciding to get into the media business as well. The newspapers in this country for the most Part are clueless in what is happening, but are being educated by my research. We can all win if we just play by a fair set of rules. I see local media and all newspapers as an asset to help local Chambers and the state of South Carolina , but if you compete with them , drain ad budgets , then you simply alienate them and this hurts everyone involved.  Thanks

Also note the following national organizations all need to also be looked at deeply on how they operate and support members
2.American Chamber of Commerce
Execuitives ACCE
3. Us chamber
We all need to understand how they operate , income sources and income versus expenses. I can tell you Tom Donahue President of Us Chamber at 4.7 m  2010 per year according to search sources running a non profit does not set a good example and would classify this as extreme excessive salary abuse to members and again a board who allows this not much different than Hilton Head. The puppet and buddy boards in this country is out of control ,and in the age of the Internet, and easily accessible information ,is driving away members of associations and investors buying shares in some companies.

The good thing that comes from a bad economy is it makes us all look into abuse and waste in our own lives and those that surround us. Thanks

Apr 2 2012

Letter regarding US Chamber Board

Subject: Us chamber board abuse to members

David , you sit on the US Chamber board as well as Patricia who runs a local business where I also own a business. Patricia is fully aware of the abuse we have on Hilton Head and now come to find out abuse seems to be even at the top. The mission statement and purpose of all Chambers
Is to fully support their members to prosper in their community and industry, not compete with or abuse with excessive overhead and abuse to members and tax payers. Tell me how you and Patricia justify if local search is correct a 4.7 m salary for Tom Donahue in 2010? Further have either of you ever seen a complete accounting of this organization on income versus expenses ?

David go to hope some of this is not happening in Kentucky? Thanks

Skip Hoagland

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You've Raised Very Serious Questions

I feel that you have raised some very serious questions about how our Chamber is being run and where the money is being spent to market our island and the businesses that support our Chamber.

Additionally, your questions raise the possibility that the Chamber board is a "hand-picked" board that continues to perpetuate the abuses alleged in your complaints. As such, an independent committee, made up of chamber members, needs to be chosen and convened to address your concerns immediately.

Those are my thoughts and you may advertise them as such.....

Kim D.