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Sep 23 2012

Hilton Head Chamber continues...

The Hilton Head Chamber just continues to sell more advertising and now abusing the New Bluffton Chamber. The Hilton Head Chamber is nothing but a huge advertising sales media company not a member support association. The abuse is worse than most can imagine. Under the present Bill Miles leadership they actually believe they are entitled and empowered to  run all this like a for profit company in competition with members. Now to grow membership want to try and put the New Bluffton Chamber out of business and not respect them or the Bluffton community wanting their own Chamber.


Sep 19 2012

Response to Charlie Clark


My further response to Charlie Clark is that I would like to challenge her to a debate with me, my lawyer and accountants on all this.  I'd invite the Island Packet to cover all the facts.

I have no clue what she means by personal, it's not personal. It's simply abusive and in clear violations to the IRS tax codes and if IRS does not rule in my favor they are in fact ruling against their own tax codes and imagine at this point it will all head to some tax court for ruling. My further allegations to ask Charlie Clark to comment on is as follows: Read more...

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BRAVO!!!!! It is soooo wonderful to see someone finally taking a stand on the abuse and neglect of organizations. You are my new hero Mr. Hoagland!!!! I was going to join the chamber because of what I believed it stood for and had no idea of the abuses.

Whatever the next action is, if you need bodies, I’m in! Thank you so much for looking out for your fellow business persons. You are appreciated more than you will ever know!!! Thank you again.

Beverly H.