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Jul 16 2012


As a media and a shareholder in a tax paying SC company,why would all local media not be listed as sources of information for each SC city on the state website?

Further I have no problem with Chambers and CVBs also being listed as long as they are not competitive and violating IRS tax codes as you and the state would also be doing selling advertising for-profit  . Further their site including the SC state site should be directory based listing all SC business's by category for info not competing with them and making profits
And again paying no taxes,abusing members and tax payers who are paying for support not to be abused and destroyed.

Jul 15 2012

More government competitors with Google Support to abuse all media

Check all your main domains being used in your company. Please note their are federal trademarks as well as state trademarks which are much less cost and offer some levels of  protection. Josh you as an example have a state trademark on Question when you type in not just keyword Chicago and google has sold an ad and others come up on this search is this not a state and federal trademark infringement ?


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BRAVO!!!!! It is soooo wonderful to see someone finally taking a stand on the abuse and neglect of organizations. You are my new hero Mr. Hoagland!!!! I was going to join the chamber because of what I believed it stood for and had no idea of the abuses.

Whatever the next action is, if you need bodies, I’m in! Thank you so much for looking out for your fellow business persons. You are appreciated more than you will ever know!!! Thank you again.

Beverly H.