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Mar 28 2012


We have now begun the legal process to get answers to all our request that to date has been denied . Bottom line if we all do not get answers and full transparency I imagine this is all headed for full blown litigation, discovery , depos of all Board members . My question now is who approved , hired and is paying this law firm?? Chamber Members ? Tax Payers? WHO ??? , and again why was a local member law firm not supported and hired. It seems this Chamber just can not support locals and play by some set of fair rules .
It seems we have a Chamber Board that has lost control and simply can not take charge. Bill Miles it seems is an employee that has be able to empower himself and do as he wishes . I repeat nothing positive will happen until in my opinion Bill Miles is terminated from this abusive 400k pay package/ benefits and ex dir position and  a true separate VCB is formed to represent our community like most communities do around this country . David Tigges states in the packet that having a separate VCB and Chamber is not cost efficient , this simply is not true and like I have with all the rest I can prove this with facts, not just shooting from the hip and untrue responses. The answer is simple just two
Separate ex dirs at 120k each or 150k each saves alot. Reduce 25 employees to 4-5 for each association . Again the Sc Hospitality association operated with 5 employees representing the entire state.
Happy to debate David Tigges on all of this. If this new VCB and Chamber will just do their simple job and fully support all members , not just some and the board act responsibly and take back control we can perhaps get back to where we all would like to be.
It is time we all get and fully understand facts and this will not end until we all do.
The survey results will be published next Sunday and emailed to all databases and 1000 chamber members soon.
I will keep everyone posted as this legal process moves forward.
Mar 26 2012

Latest National Abuses Discovered

Latest National Abuses Discovered

US Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donahue, according to search and other sources reveals he was paid a salary of 4.7 M in 2010. This is simply excessive and abusive for this to be allowed by this Board. Another classic example of what I call buddy and puppet Boards. This is another reason why people are leery investing into companies who allow this excessive compensation abuse at the expense of shareholders and in this case, members.

Call and contact these following Board members and their companies to put an end to this abuse. Their message is standing up for American enterprise and small business - ??

ACCE – American Chamber of Commerce Expenditures

Mike Fleming – I personally asked him what was his salary, he refused to answer. He asked me what was mine- I told him whatever I wanted and could afford. I own my company and do not have a Board. I also founded my company and it is for- profit, not non-profit, nor supported by shareholders / members, or public tax dollars.

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BRAVO!!!!! It is soooo wonderful to see someone finally taking a stand on the abuse and neglect of organizations. You are my new hero Mr. Hoagland!!!! I was going to join the chamber because of what I believed it stood for and had no idea of the abuses.

Whatever the next action is, if you need bodies, I’m in! Thank you so much for looking out for your fellow business persons. You are appreciated more than you will ever know!!! Thank you again.

Beverly H.